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Poncho: available in a few days at Manor
Shoes: UGG
Jeans: Zara
Blouse: Mango
Sunnys: Rayban
Bag: H&M

What is more stylish to begin autumn, than an aztec poncho? And this one is a real gem, isn’t it? Manor offers a lot of cool and different ponchos for fall(the most of them aren’t available yet, but should be in a few days), definitely also going to buy a black one (you know me, I can’t live without black ). And how do you like my outfit? First I tried to create something completely without black… but it was so difficult and I just don’t have enought cool clothes in brown shades haha. But I think it is also pretty ok with the black blouse and bag! So I gotta go, I promised my boyfriend to invite him for dinner (what a nice girlfriend I am ;D).



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DSC_0001 (2)
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dress: Yes or No from Manor
Tattoos: Flash tattoos via Lilyshopping
Shoes: Air max thea premium

Here we go again with photos from Sardinia. I already got a lot of positiv reactions on Instagram for these cool, golden temporary tattoos and here is finally the article. I lately read in a magazine, that these golden tattoos are this Summers must-haves! Well, too bad Summer ist over here in Switzerland  (but maybe not yet in your country), but I’m sure they will also be on trend next year.







Shorts: Yes or No from Manor
Top: Mango

Hi guys! How was your weekend? We had wonderful weather here in Switzerland! It almost felt like Summer planned a comeback. We shooted the whole weekend Manor’s new autumn collection with a new objectiv and I’m totally excited about the result of the photos!  What do you think of this look? I mixed some PU leather shorts from Manor with a leo blouse from Mango.





From where I took the inspiration for this look
Bikini: Yes or No from Manor
Shorts: Vintage Levis
Shoes: Air Max Thea Premium


Happy Friday!

As I promised  I’ll show you all the photos we took in Italy. Phu it’s only a week ago I was in Sardinia, but it already feels like a few weeks. But that’s normal I guess :). How do you like these photos? I thought to also post the photo I was inspired by. Tomorrow my sister and I planned a big shooting day, because I got almost all the clothes at home from the new Manor fall 2014 collection and we also have the possibility to shoot with a 85mm 1.2g lens!!