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Jacket: Yes or No from Manor
Boots: Mango
Sunnies: Rayban


Seriously, how cool is this jacket from Manor? It’s so stylish and at the same time it’s so warm, perfect for cold fall days. We shooted this photos last weekend while strolling through Zurich and drinking a coffe. Since I noticed, that my looks sometimes are not very “working days” suitable I thought about showing you some outfits, which I would wear for work and here is the first one. How do you like this casual, cozy look?

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Dress: Breakicetrends
Sunnies: Mango

It’s incredible even if it’s almost middle of october, we still have temperatures until 25 degrees and believe me, this is not common for Switzerland. It just feels a little weird to go outside without a jacket, but I actually I don’t mind, for me it could be 25 degrees all the time! So what do you say to this super cute dress? I decided to mix it with some big cay eye sunnies to give the whole outfit this 60ies flair.

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Jeans: Zalando
Coat: Avant Première
Top: Yes or No 

Well, a well-fitting boyfriend jeans and a cool coat is always a good idea isn’t it? The best proof is the blogger Victoria Tornegren, I just love all her boyfriend jeans looks! The only thing about boyfriend jeans is, that they have to be worn with high-heeled shoes (at least in my opinion), otherwise immediately the cool touch is lost, or what’s your opinion? Is it also ok to wear boyfriend jeans with flat shoes and if yes which kinda shoes? Ah and talking about shoes… sorry for the white pumps again,.