Since a few weeks I started to work with a new camera kit: the famous Olympus PEN E-PL7. In social media there is so much buzz about the camera being the ultimate Blogger camera. Of course I was curious what’s the secret of this little system camera? Could it really be better, than my expensive DSLR? And I can honestly say the little beauty is just as good as a DSLR. And this is what I appreciate the most on it:

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Hello guys! If you follow me on instagram –> @vanessaciliberto you surely noticed my passion for watches. I love the fact how a watch can grade up an outfit immediately to a higher level. But like it is, all the nice things have their prices and a watch  like a Rolex is not affordable for everyone. Because of that I wanted to introduce you to an Online Shop called Swiss Wrist, which is specialised on the buying and selling a variety of used men’s, women’s, vintage, sports and black Rolex models, each of which are meticulously restored to pristine, like-new condion. Their range of used women Rolex’s is amazing, I can’t get enough of scrolling trough their offer. Who knows, maybe my first Rolex will be from Swiss wrist. In my opinion it doesn’t always have to be a new one, in the end nobody will noticed, if it’s a brand new watch or a second hand watch. Not only that Swiss wrist sells second hand watches is great, also that you have the opportunity to sell your watch to them!

So guys should you have an unwanted, used Rolex watch think about making it to money here. As the online authority in purchasing pre-owned Rolex watches, Swiss Wrist pays market price for timepieces, and provides free quotes for all watches of interest.


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As you know I started an internship a few months ago in the pr-&lifestyle department of Manor (one of the biggest, Swiss shopping center). Since the beginning of my internship Manor was working on a new project, rather a new fashion platform called Manorlive. The idea of Manorlive is that everyone can hashtag a stylish selfie with #manorlive on Instagram. The photo will appear on “styleselfie” on Manorlive and every week five winners will be chosen. I think it’s a great and extraordinary idea of Manor to launch such a great streetstyle project, especially in consideration of the fact, that streetstyle is getting more important every day! So if you are one of my Swiss readers head to your instagram and hashtag your selfies with #manorlive for the chance to win great prices!

Here you can watch the video on which I was a part of:

They also published a photo of me in one of the biggest commuter newspaper of Switzerland called Blick am Abend:

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