Beach time in abu dhabi


Hey guys! As I already told you about a million times we left on Friday to Abu Dhabi. You may remember, that I won the flight tickets at the Mercedes Benz Contest. And well here we are! We had the pleasure to travel with Etihad in the Business class. What an experience I tell you! The staff was so friendly and we really, really enjoyed it (could get used to it, my boyfriend told me not to… haha). We are staying in the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi, I’m totally mesmerized by its beauty. Actually about everythings beauty. Everything is so well done, with a big love for details, the streets are cleaner as in Switzerland, everywhere smells fresh and clean.

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As you already know, we spent three days in Rome. Before leaving for Rome, we had a look on the internet for good tips on blogs, like which Hotel should we book and to which restaurants should we go. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything helpful. So I thought about giving you some tips from our experience, to have it easier to book your next Rome trip.


Hotel: Mood44

In a quiet corner near the “Piazza di Spagna” we booked a hotel called Mood44, it was very spontaneous only 1.5 weeks before our flight to Rome. We are always a little demanding with hotels: it should be beautiful, clean, located in the centre and not too expensive. As you know, most of the time you have to compromise and take a not so nice hotel in the centre or a beautiful hotel far away from the centre. After a long search (which was the task of my boyfriend, since I’m so impatient in booking hotels) he found the hotel Mood44. A cute little, luxurious hotel near the Piazza di Spagna. It’s a Boutique Hotel, which opened about a year ago. Every single room (they only have about 6 or 7 rooms) is different from another and furnished with love. I think it was one of the biggest rooms I’ve ever stayed in and that for only 170 euro a night. And believe me, also the bathroom (which is most of the time so tiny you can’t hardly move) was huge equipped with a rain shower. The breakfast is either served on the rooftoop or in the room. The staff (Daniela & Co) was incredibly friendly. On our arrival, we sat down with Daniela and she introduced us to the most important locations of Rome. She gave us tips where we should go for lunch and – of course -shopping.




La Prosciutteria

While strolling trough the streets of Rome, we discovered a little takeaway/restaurant. In front of the unimpressive entrance a few people were sitting with a big wooden plate topped with the most delicious Italian dishes on their lunch table. Ham, salami, cheese, tomatos, different creams, nuts, bread, pesto and much more. We stopped immediately and entered. It was a very small take away, but everything seemed so familiar and so typical Italian.The atmosphere somehow reminded me of my childhood summers, which I spent in Italy at my grandparents. La Prosciutteria isn’t a restaurant (they don’t have a restaurant license) so it’s selfservice, but luckily you can sit in there and enjoy a delicious, cold Italian platters including delicious glasses of wines.



Dal Bolognese

Ever wanted to eat in a restaurant, where also Kanye and Kim, Mischa Barton or Karl Lagerfeld already  enjoyed dinner? So you have to visit Dal Bolognese in Rome. Since my boyfriends parents have been in Rome for a few times, they recomended us this restaurant. It’s a little expensive, but believe me, the fillet of beef was super delicious! Actually one of the best I’ve ever had (except the fillet at the Bürgli in Zürich, but this might be subject of another little guide about Zürich).

mischa kanye


Thx to the lovely German blogger called Cocoaroundthecorner (her blog is amazing) we found the restaurant Numbs. A very stylish restaurant near the shopping street. The service was super fast and the lasagne and the truffle risotto were delicious!



Sweety Gelato

Thx to an Italian reader, we ate a super delicous gelato near the piazza de fiori. This ice cream parlor called Sweety Gelato is concepted like a frozen yoghurt parlor, but not only with frozen yoghurt also with traditional ice cream. It was so yummi!


And here are some more photos from this beautiful city:









DSC_0389DSC_0378 DSC_0403 DSC_0424 DSC_0382 DSC_0419Skirt: Asos
Heels: Steve Madden Dynemite
Hardcase Clutch: Chicwish

First of all: Merry Christmas to all of you! On Sunday we arrived here in Tenerife for a one week vacation. We stay in the hotel “Jardin Tropical” and it’s like an Arabic palace, so beautiful and huge and the staff is very friendly and helpful, if you should ever go to Tenerife this hotel is VERY recommendable (find some photos from the hotel on my IG: @vanessaciliberto).

It’s wonderful to have the possibility to tank some sun during Winter, but it’s also very strange to spend Christmas in the heat. It’s just not the traditional Christmas celebration with the Christmastree, snow and freezing weather but it’s ok for me (since I love the warm weather). Today I wanted to show you my Christmas look,  a golden sequin skirt paired with a nude top and my beloved Steve Madden Dynemite heels (I was so lucky to find them on Ebay, since they are almost sold out everywhere).

 We already took so many great photos, but unfortunately the internet connection is very bad here, so that it take almost 2 hours for uploading the photos to the blog, but I will surely show you them all as soon as I’m at home.

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Again Merry Christmas lovelies, xxx V.