Meet the new Olympus gem!

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Hello lovelies! Happy weekend, hope you had a great week?

I just came back after a business trip to Geneva. Will tell you more about it next week. And now I’m sitting again in the train direction Italy. Will spend my weekend there and visit some friends.

So with this post I wanted to show you the newest Olympus family addition: the Olympus PEN E-PL8. I received it punctual for Christmas. Isn’t it a beauty? Since my other Olympus the PEN E-PL7 is white, I went for the black one this time. As you may know, I shoot all my blog photos with the Olympus PEN E-PL7.  I’ll soon tell you about my experience and the difference to its precursor.

Camera: Olympus PEN E-PL8

Silver clutch: Olympus 

vanessaciliberto, thevogueword, swissfashionblogger, olympuspen vanessaciliberto, thevogueword, swissfashionblogger, olympuspen vanessaciliberto, thevogueword, swissfashionblogger, olympuspen


15 comments on “Meet the new Olympus gem!

  1. Briana
    13. January 2017 at 19:47

    Looks great! Lucky you! Love your outfit as well!


  2. Radi
    14. January 2017 at 0:58

    Nice! Have fun taking lots of pics. Love your heels! 😍

  3. inês
    14. January 2017 at 9:48

    thanks for the comment <3
    so nice!

  4. Jessica
    14. January 2017 at 10:09

    How great this post is! I just bought an Olympus camera myself, I receive it yesterday 😉 x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  5. Marta
    14. January 2017 at 10:49

    Love those cameras! And they’re so cute outside as well 😀

  6. Andreea Birsan
    14. January 2017 at 18:03

    That’s so cool! x


  7. Marta
    15. January 2017 at 13:05

    Love this look! Is so good! I love your camera♥

  8. Aliona
    15. January 2017 at 21:01

    Love it. Please check out my new post on all things hair colour!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

    Instagram @alionawithlove

    Twitter @alionawithlove

  9. Kelly
    16. January 2017 at 1:46

    What a cute little camera and I love your shoes!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. Elaine
    16. January 2017 at 14:01

    Muito lindas as fotos..gostei.

    >>blog Usei Hoje<<
    Instagram | Twitter | Fan Page

  11. Irina
    16. January 2017 at 19:04

    The post is great! I love your blog:)

  12. Glowyshoes
    18. January 2017 at 7:52

    Your look is all shades of gorgeous.. Love the silver heels..
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?
    Please let me know on my blog and I will follow back as soon as possible!

    Glowyshoes’s blog

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  13. Violette
    18. January 2017 at 8:23

    This camera looks great! Love you style!

  14. Violette
    18. January 2017 at 10:28

    This camera looks great! Love you style!!

  15. Emilie
    18. January 2017 at 22:29

    I made my last article on my blog with this olympus camera that I received for Christmas by my boyfriend & i love it !
    Love this post (especially the shoes <3) !

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