sporty in leather shorts

DSC_0120 DSC_0076DSC_0122Shirt: Yes or No
Bag: Maddison

Hey guys, how are you? Believe me, I’ve got so many new clothes to show you, only the time is missing to shoot them all… But I think my sister Saskia and I will shoot a few new looks this weekend, so stay tuned! This shirt and bag is one of these new pieces, actually I’m wearing this bag all the time, preferabely paired with black boots (surely going to show you such an outfit).

These photos were taken today after work, it immediately started raining but the sun was still shining… you can recognize raindrops on one of the photos, very strange! But well, I don’t even start talking about the Swiss weather swings and this rainy summer…just hoping it gets better. To the outfit: I lately recognized, that I stopped talking about the outfits I’m wearing, that’s definitely something I will start doing more often again. So let’s talk about this look! I usually don’t wear very sporty clothes on the photos, I like it more chic and girly, but this look is definitely one of my favorite for my freetime (preferably worn with converse): leather shorts paired with a number shirt (not only last summer it was a must-have also this year it shouldn’t be missing in any wardrobe). What’s your opinion about it?

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8 comments on “sporty in leather shorts

  1. Beatrice
    8. August 2014 at 1:54

    Love this sporty look! It suits you well!

  2. chamafashion
    8. August 2014 at 9:18

    Beautiful! I love your bag!

  3. princessaudu
    8. August 2014 at 12:20

    I adore this sporty chic look. Your shorts are lovely, these are some amazing shots.

  4. carla
    8. August 2014 at 21:07

    Great look! X

  5. Grace Ulloa
    9. August 2014 at 3:39

    Sportyyy loook! Love them!
    Especially the cup and the shorts!

  6. papagay
    9. August 2014 at 14:15

    That is so lovely :)) Have a great day!!


  7. Olga
    9. August 2014 at 19:33

    Great look!! You are so beautiful!!

  8. Marie
    10. August 2014 at 16:37

    Great look ♥
    I love your bag ♥

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